Enjoy cleaner car sharing using AI


What IT is

Cleanride is an AI-powered solution for identifying dirt, rubbish and belongings left behind in shared cars.


Make better decisions

Use data and automation to make smart decisions about fleet maintenance and reduce costs.


Support and retain customers

Improve the experience of your customers and inspire loyalty for your service.


Delight and impress

Create positive brand impressions that last beyond the ride.

How it Works

The Cleanride AI identifies issues in vehicle cabins using Computer Vision & Deep Learning.

AI-algorithms “learn” when vehicles are dirty by comparing images take at the end of each ride.

Customers are not filmed. The cameras are only activated once the customer has finished their journey and locked the vehicle – maintaining their privacy.


Philipp Nowakowski

Co-Founder & CEO

Founder of YND, a Product Studio. Agile leader in Fintech & Traveltech, with a background in software development.

Alistair Cadman

Co-Founder & CPO

Product Manager with a background in design and innovation consulting in Australia & Germany.

Michael D. Kostrzewa

Engineering Lead

Software Architect & Engineer with expertise in computer graphics, video processing and embedded development.

Artur Baćmaga

Computer Vision Engineer

Software Engineer with expertise in Computer Vision, NLP and Machine Learning (Deep Learning).


VW’s Nutzfahrzeuge Innovation Challenge 2018

Cleanride were finalists out of 70 applicants from 16 countries to VW’s Nutzfahrzeuge Innovation Challenge.


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