Enjoy cleaner car sharing using AI


What IT is

Cleanride is an AI-powered solution for identifying dirt, rubbish and belongings left behind in shared cars.



Real-time, automated decision making about fleet maintenance.



Checking car interiors is no longer a time-consuming, manual process.



Reduce operating costs through targeted cleaning & less lost property.

How it Works

Sensors mounted in vehicle cabins enable Cleanride to identify issues using Computer Vision & Deep Learning. Custom AI-algorithms “learn” when the interiors are dirty by comparing the images taken at the end of each ride.

If customers have left belongings behind they are alerted immediately so that they can retrieve them. Cars can be automatically taken out of service until the cabin is cleaned and ready for the next customer.


We created Cleanride to improve the experience of using shared cars. No more surprises.

Two small sensor devices are mounted in the vehicle interior. These are only activated once the customer has finished their ride and locked the car. Customers are never filmed, protecting their privacy.

Cleanride integrates seamlessly with existing customer facing apps and with backend management interfaces.

Cleanride enables real-time monitoring of shuttle cabins. Local processing of images means that customer data is not uploaded to the cloud.

The driver is alerted to left belongings and other issues in the cabin as passengers enter and exit the vehicle.

Our platform can also can be used in service centres to detect and identify different types of dirt in shuttle interiors.

All the benefits of the Cleanride car sharing solution for your own corporate fleet.

Reduce operating costs and improve the experience of your employees.

From small & medium businesses to enterprise fleets, Cleanride delivers value whenever your employees share vehicles.

Our AI-powered platform can identify dirt, rubbish and hazards far beyond the car.

From sanitation to safety the platform can be tailored to your needs. Rental properties, restaurants, construction sites, data centres - the possibilities for AI to help you maintain cleaner & safer spaces are endless.

Contact us now to discuss your particular requirements.

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Philipp Nowakowski

Co-Founder & CEO

Founder of YND, a Product Studio. Agile leader in Fintech & Traveltech, with a background in software development.

Alistair Cadman

Co-Founder & CPO

Product Manager with a background in design and innovation consulting in Australia & Germany.

Michael D. Kostrzewa

Co-Founder & CTO

Software Architect & Engineer with expertise in computer graphics, video processing and embedded development.

Artur Baćmaga

Lead Engineer

Software Engineer with expertise in Computer Vision, NLP and Machine Learning (Deep Learning).



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